O Corona Kabhi Mat Aana- Mumbai Police Meme

Mumbai Police came out with a creative meme to create awareness about the outbreak of Covid19. The police department posted a meme-inspired from the film Stree to urge people to not step out on the streets. Remember the iconic dialogue “O stree, kal aana” from the 2018 release? Mumbai police tweaked the same dialogue and changed it to “O corona, kabhi mat aana.” The official Twitter handle of Mumbai Police is quite known for creative and witty posts. The police department often imparts important messages with a subtle hint of humor.

Netizens were immensely impressed with this tweet and they dropped in comments to express their thoughts. “Mumbai police are always creative and active thank you,” a user commented. “Great sense of humor,” read another comment. Several users also thanked the Mumbai Police for their services, especially amid the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Well, the same slogan has now been tweaked to ward off Covid19 in Varanasi. Posters with ‘O corona kal aana‘ were pasted on the walls of the houses inside the Varanasi city. The posters have been put up by a man named Punit Mishra. Mishra admitted that the posters were inspired by the film Stree and said that it was primarily designed to create awareness among people. “It compels people to give a second thought to the deadly virus and take all the necessary precautions. It has created a buzz and my purpose has been served,” he added.

Quite innovative ways to create awareness. Isn’t it? If you know of any such innovative ideas then do let me know.


13 thoughts on “O Corona Kabhi Mat Aana- Mumbai Police Meme

  1. bloggeray says:

    Read a story on a similar theme last night on Varad’s blog, loose end of the thread, about the story that was the inspiration for the film Stree.

    This Mumbai police campaign was funny. Probably Bengaluru police is the closest to them in the fun department. 🙂

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