Social Distancing and Social Media Challenges #A-ZChallenge2020

Social media has become extremely ‘challenging’ ever since people started ‘social distancing’. Every other day some new challenges are coming up and I am getting tagged.  The first tag that was making the rounds to apparently create ‘positivity’ was the #stronggorgeouswomen. I don’t know, if it created any positivity for others, for me it just cluttered my timeline with lots of tags. And, I was definitely not the one to play along.

I made a general trend analysis of social media posts.

Panic: In the initial days of the lockdown most of the posts were mostly information (and misinformation) regarding Covid19. They were awareness posts on how to wash hands, how to stay safe, statistics, etc. Unfortunately most of the posts ended up creating more panic than awareness.

Creativity Photos: Once the panic settled, people started getting bored and then they posting photos of their creativity. Proud parents started posting photos of the creativity of their kids. Some of the posts were indeed good but many of them were cringe-worthy. 


Food Photos: Next came the food photos. Every single person on my timeline has turned into a Masterchef and each day they are posting photos of some exotic food from their kitchen. This pandemic is definitely causing many to binge into ’emotional eating’ and the timeline is proof to that. Those who couldn’t even boil an egg are now making French food.

cooked rice with egg

Photo Challenges: Next came the photo challenges. There were various types of photo challenges and I was getting tagged every now and then. There was the motherhood photo challenge (motherhood is already quite challenging, I don’t want to add another challenge to it. Thank You), couple photo challenge (with his overgrown hair and my unthreaded beard and moustache, we are looking more like brother-sister rather than a couple), proud pet parent photo challenge (I don’t have a pet), your photo of when you were 20 years old (I don’t have time to search for such an old photo after all the work) and the best was the Saree challenge (Thankfully wearing saree has never been challenging for me. I love to wear a saree and wear it for almost every occassion).

Picture and post shared by Akshaya Arasu

Ask your kids these questions and share your answers challenge: I particularly disliked this challenge. I felt this challenge was deviced to get information about the kids. After watching the movie The Great Hack I am extremely skeptical about sharing information on Facebook.






14 thoughts on “Social Distancing and Social Media Challenges #A-ZChallenge2020

  1. Dashy says:

    True, so many challenges happening online. I’ve been selectively taking part. ‘Bingo’ challenge to tick all the mischief we did from school/college was quite nostalgic. And putting up embarrassing photos of ourselves for 24 hours was another one I enjoyed. I think I’ve posted more in this quarantine than I usually do in social media.


  2. Shweta Suresh says:

    There are so many challenges. I loved ready your witty take. Motherhood is already challenging. Who needs more challenges. 😀 As for me, A2Z has wiped me out. I don’t have time for any other challenge for that matter! And as I have written in Envy, Instagram has turned more of a Nightmaregram these days! Everybody is cooking and turning into Masterchefs! I wonder how they have the time to do all these things.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Apart from the above mentioned there were messages from every other family on Earth that I know, that talked about the division of labour being happily done and carried out by all the members of the family. This usually was accompanied by the (fake?) Candid photos.
    One more thing that was rampant was the puzzles and quizzes. I grew really tired of all this to the extent I was contemplating quitting what’s app.

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  4. Sonia Chatterjee says:

    There were a few more, post a smiling photo of you (as if smirking is the new normal), post a photo with your child because motherhood is the best feeling ever, and now the me at 20 challenge. While some are harmless fun, a few are indeed cringe worthy.


  5. soniadogra says:

    There was a deluge of those. I’m not a challenge person and avoid most but I posted a sari pic. Some of my dearest friends had tagged me and I did it for their love. Though I tagged nobody.
    I’ve been least creative in this time. And I’m just my lethargic self except for the challenge. Haha…The A to Z..

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  6. Shilpa Garg says:

    Oh yes, this lock down has brought out a lot of hidden ‘talents’ in many people…. cooking, baking, photography…
    Aah! The challenges! I stay away from all such fads. Honestly, I have no patience and time for all these time pass things. WFH and chores have exhausted me and I cant wait for life to get back to the earlier normal. I have no time to even read and my school group is playing housie on Zoom. Money is collected and paid through PayTm! *Rolls Eyes*

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