Technology to the Rescue during Lockdown #A-ZChallenge2020

The global lockdown would have been more severe and unbearable had there been no technology. Can you imagine this lockdown during the 60s, 70s, 80s or even 90s and how we would have felt without the internet. How more difficult it would have been. Thanks to technology it is helping us a lot to cope.

Work from Home: This would have been impossible. So many companies are still able to function and many able to retain their jobs only because there is technology. Many companies had started the practice of WFH for long. Especially in the IT sector it has been extremely common. Our office started practicing this since 2006 and many of us could work from remote locations. This lockdown forced even conservative companies to explore the possibility of WFH.

person using silver laptop computer inside bedroom

Online Classes: Most of the educational institutes have started online classes. Earlier there were online courses. E-learning came into India long back. I started my career as an instructional designer and my main work was to design online courses. However, there were very few takers for K12 courses. Gradually some private coaching institutes took up the idea of online classes. Later on apps were launched. Yet, regular schools were depending mostly on classroom education and kept online courses only as an additional feature. With this Lockdown online classes have become a common feature and most kids are getting their syllabus completed irrespective of the lockdown.

Online Shops: India had seen a surge in e-commerce for quite some time but Indians were never dependant on online shopping. However, now online shopping has become the only way to get things and most services are seeing a surge in their business.

Streaming Services: The lockdown is causing havoc for the feature film industry but it is making the streaming services run to their banks. The viewers are so spoilt for choices that those who want can spend the whole lockdown period just by doing Netflix and Chill.


Messaging and Video Calling: In my childhood, I saw my grandparents anxiously waiting for a letter from my Uncles/Aunts who lived abroad during any calamity in their respective country. However, thanks to messaging and video calling we are connected all the time. After the lockdown, apart from work-related, I have done video-calling with my school friends, college friends, ex-colleagues, cousins, chanting groups, son’s school friends and even neighbours. We also attended a couple of Zoom birthday parties.

Social Media: Irrespective of its many vices, social media is a great boon to stay connected during this period. We know who is doing what and if they are fine. We are celebrating birthdays and anniversaries and food over social media.

Indeed technology has been the biggest blessing. Did I miss out any point? If you have anything more to add please feel free. I would appreciate that.

12 thoughts on “Technology to the Rescue during Lockdown #A-ZChallenge2020

  1. mommytincture says:

    This is so true and apt. Online video calling has gained so much popularity during this time. We have been able to catch up with so many people long forgotten and relived the goodtimes just by talking over a video call.

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  2. Matheikal says:

    Technology makes life easier. But I wonder if it goes on like this, where will it end? With people living in the security of their own homes, doing everything from homes, living like troglodytes?

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  3. Shweta Suresh says:

    This is so relatable. We have been shifting from offline to online. Be it making payments, taking exams or courses, shopping, ordering groceries, and games too! I can’t imagine the lockdown without blogging, video calling, online Scrabble and streaming services.

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  4. Anagha Yatin says:

    Cant agree you more Balak. Can’t imagine the same madness aka pandemic happening in 60s or 70s or 80s or 90s. Half of humanity would have died out of frustration or boredom or domestic violence if it had happened in the period. Or it may even have triggered another round of baby boom!
    Thanks to the technology that is keeping us sane.

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  5. justcalmwildness says:

    I often wonder what the world would be like right now if there was no technology and internet. It would so hard and more depressing that it is now.

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  6. Sonia Chatterjee says:

    Amazon Prime has helped me stay sane. Zoom has helped me stay connected with my father and husband. A few online stores like Spencer’s have delivered essential items. Indeed technology had a big role to play during the crisis.

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