Ugly, Untidy and Unclean during Lockdown #A-ZChallenges2020

My moustache and husband’s hair is growing, if the lockdown continues then we would look like (bad) clones of each other. Almost like celebrity wax statues, where the statue looks similar yet not really similar. Both of us like many other people all over the world have not visited the salon in the longest time. We are on our way to reverse our evaluation and become Neanderthals once again.

Pre-Lockdown, on a regular day, I used to wake up and change my nightclothes (read: quintessential Bong nighty) and slip into track pants and go for the morning walk. After coming back, I used to take a bath and change into my regular decent clothes and start working by 10am. However, now till 2pm, I roam around in my nighty (which is also torn in a couple of places). Well, I am the kind of woman who always hated to watch women roaming around in their nightclothes and actually judged them. I always scorned women in nighty like Maya Sarabhai did. However, this lockdown changed my thoughts. Now, I give preference to comfort over anything.

My eyebrows now resembles a caterpillar, my body hair can make a chimpanzee run for her money.Β The man also roams around in his night shorts all through the night and day. His hair has grown and he doesn’t shave everyday. If we click a couple photo now and post it on some crowdfunding platform for the homeless, we will surely amass a fortune.

Drastically our looks change the moment we have to attend some official calls. We put on a formal shirt above whatever we are wearing and sit in front of the camera. The upper and the lower part of the body literally start struggling with multiple personality disorder. If the lockdown persists any longer than we would forget wearing trousers and skirts for sure.

Our house is equally messy. My regular readers are aware that I suffer from ataxophobiaand used to be poor woman’s Marie Kondo, you could read my previous posts on home organisation However, the lockdown changed my entire personality. Gone are the days of a clean house, now half of the things are on the floor and I am least bothered. Everybody is home, the boys in the house never liked my cleaning routine. This time I have stopped being a cleanliness Nazi and allowing them to relax the way they want to. I am no longer bothered if their feet is on the sofa or if the Lego bricks are all over the house. Nobody is going to visit us so what is the urgency to clean? Let the boys relax the way they want to, even if it means an untidy house.

I think, I am not alone in this journey to ‘eternal ugliness’. Most of the pretty women have stopped posting selfies on their timeline. That means they have also retreated to their stone age avatar. It makes me feel comfortable. Honestly, I am not the makeup type, but then again I am also not the one who would let her body hair grow like Rapunzel. After the lockdown is over, I doubt if my old photos would even resemble me. What is your story of cleaning and grooming during lockdown? I am eager to know.




27 thoughts on “Ugly, Untidy and Unclean during Lockdown #A-ZChallenges2020

  1. Dashy says:

    Hilarious post. My body hair too has made a reappearance after ages. I’m least bothered to remove them. I’ve stopped grooming for video calls as well (with friends, not official ones). As for the house, occasional decluttering is carried out so that it doesn’t look abandoned.

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  2. soniadogra says:

    I’m doing fine. I do get exhausted but then being an early riser I’m done with my work by nine. The day chores are taken over by the husband since he likes to sleep late. So my days are free. Children are grown up so clutter is less. That way I’m sorted. Only my mind is a mess with so much social media during a to z. I’m planning to take a break from there as well post the 30thπŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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  3. Anagha Yatin says:

    Balaka you had me in splits right from the beginning and the tempo skyrocketed then on. I took a good two minutes to compose myself to think and post a comment.
    You were at your funniest / puuny best!
    PS: There is nothing more comfortable in the world than the old, faded, night suit is my happy realisation of the lockdown too!

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  4. Shweta Suresh says:

    Luckily for me, I recently invested in waxing strips, wax, and a wax heater. So it takes care of my chin and moustache for the time being. But the fact that I am not going to go anywhere does decrease my tendency to do waxing! My eyebrows have overgrown and they look like an overgrown garden! This post was really, really good and funny! πŸ˜€ I couldn’t stop laughing. As for my house, it’s squeaky clean. :/ I have an OCD when it comes to cleanliness! So yes, I suffer from Ataxophobia too! And lockdown hasn’t cured it. πŸ˜€

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  5. Unishta says:

    Ha. Loved your wry humour. Well my hubby and I have been looking like each other even before the lockdown. But I still get out of my nightclothes. I try to keep things as neat as possible….but I do agree we have all let our standards drop and become untidier versions of ourselves


  6. Akshata Ram says:

    This was hilarious Balaka glad I stumbled across. I am still keeping my house near and tidy even if that means mopping the kitchen 10 th time in the day but when it comes to myself I am in my shorts , sans make up, a pony tied and far from that so well dressed perfect hair girl. Sigh

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  7. Vinitha says:

    I decided to grow my hair out by the end of last year. Now my hair is long and I want to cut it. So I am planning to cut by myself. Don’t know how it will end up. But since during this time there is no need to go anywhere or fear that someone would drop by, I am okay. This is the perfect time to experiment. πŸ™‚ I have also offered my haircutting services to my boys at home which they declined promptly. But I am hopeful, salons are closed and sooner or later they will feel the need for a haircut. I will win. πŸ™‚

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    • Balaka says:

      I love long hair. I feel sad everytime I have to chop my hair due to split ends. Now, I am extremely happy to let it grow…Unlike your situation, the man in my house wanted me to cut his hair, but I refused. I can’t take any chances.
      Do send me a pic of you after you cut your hair.


  8. Shilpa Garg says:

    Hahaha! This made for such a fun read! Thankfully, I had been to the salon just before the lock down, so I am still somewhat ok. All these years, I have been after my boys to go for timely haircuts, and they’d glare and flare up at me, but after lock down, I think the first trip of theirs would be to the salon.
    Initial 1-2 days, I let the house be messy and lazed around, but later the inherent OCD for cleanliness and organization emerged strongly. So I involved sonny boy, and together both of us started cleaning 1-2 drawers/cupboards for not more than 10-15 minutes, everyday. The husband joined in some sorting/cleaning. So now our house is Diwali ready. My routine is to finish the chores by 11 and then everyone is free to do their thing.
    Yes, I am guilty of doing my trainings on zoom with a fancy top and track pants and slippers. πŸ˜€

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    • Balaka says:

      Thankfully, my cupboards, bookshelf and cabinets are still organised. It is the living room that is the worst affected.
      But today for the first time I heard my sunny boy saying “Mamma sit properly, the sofa cushion is getting crushed” This is such an unthinkable thing. I guess me not being a cleanliness Nazi is making this difference. Thanks a ton for reading Shilpa

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  9. Srinwanti Sarkar says:

    My home remains as clean as possible with boys having a say.. which they otherwise don’t. And it means, some corners at some points of time remain cluttered, not to be touched as according to them those are already ‘gocchano’. I don’t think my personal grooming is much at stake either. As not too much salon dependent anyways. Boys are growing their hair thick n fast. The teenager refuses to get it cut at home, no matter how much his grandmother is insistent. His mother, that is, me, has had a horrendous memory of her mother (his grandmother) trying to cut her hair during one of those summer vacation with horrible consequence. Let me not relive that thru my son. So, for once the teenage son and his mom are on the same page. And that leaves the hubby. A person who needs a shave every morn and a hair cut in 3 weeks. So u can understand.. have to tolerate him with shave every 3,4days now and the nasty part are those growing on the ears a la Laloo Prasad or inside the nose. Yuks!!!

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  10. Parul Thakur says:

    Ha ha! this was a fun read. I went to parlour right before lockdown so I am okay. Also, i got an eye brow razor from Nykaa and it is a good one. Helping me appear somewhat decent on calls. πŸ˜›
    House is not as messy cos I never had a cleanliness streak to me but now i have. Maybe cos of the virus. Take care, Balaka and always fun reading you.

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  11. Maniparna Sengupta Majumder says:

    Hehehe… Just a while ago, I was telling my hubby—. Tomar chul to kesto thakurer mawto hoye jacche πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
    I really feel exhausted, not for the huge household chores along with official ones, but more for the reason that son and hubby are always there 😦 It’s making me claustrophobic…

    Totally enjoyed the write-up… Every bit… ❀️

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