5 Things to be Grateful for during Lockdown #GratitudeCircle

The lockdown may seem like a depressing time and you may feel there is nothing to be grateful for. However, trying times are our best teachers and we have a lot to learn from these times. Firstly, we should be grateful that we are alive while millions have died all over the world. Secondly, we should be grateful for the roof above our head and the food on our plate. There are so many people who are homeless and hungry during this pandemic. Let me list down the few things that I was grateful for in April.

1badgeCompleted A-Z Challenge 2020: At the beginning of March, I thought of  ‘love stories’ as my theme for the A-Z Challenge. I even wrote a few stories but on 12th March, Lockdown was declared in my city and from the 26th of March the entire country was under strict lockdown. I felt overwhelmed and I was not being able to concentrate on my ‘love stories’ because my mind was too full of the pandemic. Therefore I decided to change my theme to ‘Life in the times of Corona’ because that was what my mind was occupied off.

I started writing about my emotions and feeling during this stressful period. As they say ‘writing is therapeutic’ so gradually I started to feel better. My initial posts were full of anger and anxiety but later on, I wrote a few funny posts like ‘romance during lockdown‘ and ‘ugly, untidy,  and unclean‘.

I was happy to connect with so many amazing bloggers during this challenge. I confess, this time I visited fewer posts than previous times but the ones I visited regularly were completely worth my time. I absolutely loved reading them. 

Webinar Poster

Webinars: The year 2020 proved to be good for my patient forum. During this lockdown, most patients are finding it hard to reach to their doctors or procure medicines. Therefore, I decided to organize a few webinars where the patients could directly interact with the doctors. We organized five webinars, and I was happy that patients from not only India but also countries like Canada, Holland, Israel, Hungary, and Nepal took part. I honestly feel proud.

Family Time: The biggest blessing of this lockdown is the ‘family time’ we are getting to spend. My husband is a busy man. Before the lockdown, he used to travel minimum thrice a week, and on the remaining days he hardly spent time with us. He used to spend 9-10 hours in office, 2 hours exercising outdoors, 7-8hours sleeping and remaining hours in bath, calls, and watching videos.

This lockdown gave us the opportunity to spend time together. He and I are an extrovert and introvert respectively. He likes to stay away from the home while I love to stay indoors, this lockdown has forced him to stay home and therefore after many years we are cooking, eating, talking and watching television together. He is also in charge of mopping the floor, which is a big task for me. It feels good to have him around.

Cooking with son: I decided to use this time to teach my son an important life skill, cooking. I am happy to see that he is absolutely enjoying it. Kids these days need some incentives and so I also created a cooking Youtube channel for him and he is absolutely enjoying cooking, shooting, editing, and uploading the videos.  I also see that many more people are nurturing the hobbies of their kids.

WhatsApp Image 2020-05-01 at 11.51.44 PM

I am really proud of my son because, at the onset of the lockdown, I thought he would bother me a lot but to my surprise he is the most well-behaved boy that I could have asked for. He is not disturbing me a bit and is being a great helping hand.

Environment: I have been a silent climate crusader for long. I am a huge fan of Greta Thunberg and it gives me relief to see that the Earth is finally healing, even though we are paying a heavy price for that healing. The air seems so much cleaner, there seem to be more birds and butterflies and wild animals are getting a free run.

P.S. I am also on a digital detox. My mobile phone broke down and in this situation neither could I repair it nor buy a new one. Therefore, automatically I am using lot less internet and enjoying a digital detox.

_Lockdownis nothing but a chance to be better._

Linking this post to Vidya’s Gratitude Circle.


24 thoughts on “5 Things to be Grateful for during Lockdown #GratitudeCircle

  1. Shweta Suresh says:

    So many things to be grateful for indeed, my dear. This reminded me of the two poems I had written a while back. It’s better to count our blessings indeed.
    And kudos to you for that webinar. This lockdown is giving us a lot of time to spend with loved ones, even though it may be over video calls for some! I’m glad that you’re teaching him cooking. It is a very essential skill. And yes, I’m so so glad that Mother Earth is recovering. I only hope and pray that this lasts even if lockdown is lifted!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Akshata Ram says:

    Truly blessings to be counted. Think we all were super anxious and still are but the extent has come down and we are starting to look at the silver lining. I too intended to do AtoZ but knowing it’s so intense and having to work from home , I decided to not go ahead since I had zero preparation. Glad you finished it, whet zeal!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Parul Thakur says:

    I did not know you were a doctor.
    Love that you are having some good family time. VT and I are also extrovert and introvert respectively. It’s been fun watching and taking care of each other.
    Love that your son is enjoying cooking. It’s an important skill to pick up. Take care, Balaka. Good to be here 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Rajlakshmi says:

    Wow a YouTube channel for the kid is a great incentive. It will motivate him to try more. I am slowly getting back to reading blogs so will check out your posts. Glad you facilitated webiners to close the gap between doctors and patients.


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