Red Roses for Proposal #ShortStory

“I don’t like red roses,” she replied with a smirk.

Anish felt like an idiot with a bouquet of roses in his hands and a ring in his pocket while the woman he intended to propose was half-twirling with her left toe raised and heel firmly digging the ground. The smirk and amusement was still conspicuous on her face while he stood there like a weary statue.

She added, “Actually I don’t like roses. They are overrated.”

Anish was utterly confused, he tried to come up with a suitable reply but in this moment of crisis nothing came up. She was enjoying his flabbergasted look but tried to maintain a stoic face.

She asked,” Tell me, why is rose considered romantic and not bougainvillea or tulips? I like tulips”. She emphasised on the word ‘like’ with a strong conviction. She took a small breath and added, “More so, why only red rose and not yellow rose?”

Anish had no answer. One part of him wanted to throw the red roses and run away as far as possible. He fumbled for an answer but only a faint stammer came out of his mouth.

She felt amused at his helplessness and said “Anish, if you want to impress me then stop being a cliche.”

Anish muttered under his breath, ” I am sorry, I didn’t know that you dislike roses.”

She frowned at him and made a ‘tut-tut’ sound with her tongue and said, ” I also don’t like men who can not stand up for themselves.”

Anish knew she was a difficult woman and impressing her would not be easy but he never thought that he would get stuck at the first hurdle itself. So far, forget asking her hand, he has not even been able to transfer the roses from his hand to her’s. The ring was yet to come out of the pocket. Judging by the situation the ring may never come out of the pocket and see the light of day.

While a lot of things were crossing his mind, she chuckled and said, ” You can take out the ring from the pocket. I just hope that it is an emerald ring and not a cliched diamond one. I don’t like diamond ring.”

Anish understood that life would be difficult but never boring with this ‘unconventional’ woman. He said, “Diamond and roses and cliche will become unconventional with your smile.”

Red Roses A Short Story

34 thoughts on “Red Roses for Proposal #ShortStory

  1. the bespectacled mother says:

    I am left imagining how this story would have turned out if the ring had been a diamond ring. Red roses plus diamond ring would have scarred Anish’s chances totally. It would have been sad then for the 2 material things taking over the emotion of love if there was to be any.
    Thoda sadistic comment ho gaya na.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. krish says:

    Beautiful narration…
    It’s very few who go against the set systems and traditions…
    For most life is tied down by routine…
    It’s fun to be different…

    Liked by 1 person

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