View From the Top

We are in the fifth month of Lockdown. Going by the statistics it doesn’t seem that we would come out of it anytime soon. We have to adjust to the new normal. This lockdown has taken away from me my greatest pleasure “traveling”. I loved traveling but Covid 19 wouldn’t let me travel for the next two years.

Sharing this photo from one of my trips. It is making me so nostalgic. I so want to go back to the time when this photo was clicked. Joining Esha and Natasha for #WordlessWednesday

9 thoughts on “View From the Top

  1. souwesterly001 says:

    The truth is lockdown is not the only way of dealing with the covid pandemic. What about countries such as Sweden and Belarus that haven’t locked-down?Does the media in your countrry ever cover these countries? In the UK they never. I think the only reason governments of lockdown countries are so reluctant to end it is because they’re terrified that it will be revealed to be a mistake & it would be politically-embarrassing. The truth is lockdowns and ‘suppression’ measures slow down the epidemic and prevent any heard immunity. Slowing it down had it’s purpose in preventing hospitals getting overwhelmed, but past peak, all it does prolong it. If anything is more dangerous than coronavirus, it’s panic-driven lockdown fever that’s infected the world. The doomsday scenario never materialised in the non-lockdown countries. How come the worst covid-related death rates are in countries with lockdowns? The fact you’re missing freedoms is a good sign. Long term lockdowns don’t have to be put-up with & are not a solution. Stratify and shield, protect the vulnerable, let heard immunity develop among the healthy under 60’s, that’s the sensible way to end an epidemic.


  2. Monika Ohson | TravelerInMe says:

    The stay home norm is taking a toll on one and all ….. it’s just that the degree of effect varies.We will travel soon, till then lets all travel through memories and photos, like you did in this post.

    The photo tells me the view was great and you have plenty of stories from the trip 🙂

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  3. Esha says:

    Oh yes, Tina! I hear you. Every word of it! It’s the uncertainty that is so overwhelming and so disturbing but we got to live with it. No other way out. Now, the photo gallery is the best place to be. Loads of snapshots and tons of memories to live in.
    Happy to see you join us last week, Tina. Do share your travel pics in the coming weeks and keep linking up. 🙂

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