English Breakfast #WordlessWednesday

Couple of weeks back, I made this for my sonny boy. He is fond of English Breakfast from Theobroma, a local patisseri, however due to the lockdown, he couldn’t have it for long, so I decided to prepare it for myself.

I posted this on Facebook and my dear blogger friend Anamika said that I should post this image on pinterest. Therefore, as per her suggestion this is my post for Wordless Wednesday. Here you go Natasha and Esha.

2 thoughts on “English Breakfast #WordlessWednesday

  1. Monika Ohson | TravelerInMe says:

    Balaka the plating is perfect and apt for pinterest 🙂

    I love these English breakfast too once in a while minus the egg. I am sure your son must be very happy.You have done a fab job. I have been going through the Theobroma menu since yesterday and now I read about it in your post …. aaarrrrrghhhhh this pandemic!!!


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