My Sanctum #wordlesswednesday

Ever since the Covid crisis began, it has taken a toll on our mental peace. I am struggling hard to get some “me-time”. A time when I can peacefully sit with my cup of tea and look out of the window. These days I am always at the beck and call of the two boys in my house. I can hardly enjoy my cuppa peacefully.

Thankfully, the other day the man went to attend a meeting after four months. Even though I was worried for his safety, a part of me was immensely happy because I knew after four months I would be able to enjoy my cup of masala chai uninterrupted. Thank God for small mercies.

Linking this to Wordless Wednesday hosted by Esha and Natasha. I am presenting my small window garden where I am growing mint and arrow plant side by side.

5 thoughts on “My Sanctum #wordlesswednesday

  1. Monika Ohson | TravelerInMe says:

    Hahahhaha Trina; yes thank God for small mercies. With the house being full these days the women are actually getting no met time. Even a little time when you can just be with your self in silence is bliss. I hope we all keep getting such ‘me time’ moments on & off to keep us sane and all charged.

    The jokes on couples going mad with 24×7 presence are hilarious with a sprinkles of truth in them 🙂 Have a week full of “happy masala chai time”!


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