Gratitude List July

Ever since the Covid crisis began, I struggle to find moments that I can feel grateful for. Nevertheless, the greatest moment of gratitude is that I am still alive.

I wake up every day and try to find a motivation to get through the day. On few days I find solace in music on another day gardening gives me some moment of happiness. Here are few things that I am grateful for.

Stop Motion Animation: I am really grateful for all the things that my son is learning and doing during this pandemic. He had always been fond of Lego and used to make different structures using the bricks. During the Lockdown he started learning to make stop motion animation videos using Lego bricks on YouTube. He created quite a few such videos and uploaded those projects on YouTube, so that they do not get lost.

The smile on his face was precious when few of his friends subscribed to his channel. I am grateful for all the encouragement he is getting from friends and family. You can check one of his videos below.

Cooking: In my previous post, I have mentioned How Cooking is Helping us Cope during this Lockdown. I and son learned quite a few recipes during this time. I also tried few long forgotten dishes that my mother and grandmother used to make. Cooking is helping me stay sane. Below you can check something that we made.

Family Drama: I am blessed to have a close knit extended family. Even though we stay in different parts of the world, we keep in touch with each other on a daily basis. All of us meet once a year during the summer or winter holidays. Last year, I was lucky to meet them twice, but this year, thanks to COVID we couldn’t meet. Naturally, we were missing each other. Video calls were not adequate to fill the gap. Therefore we decided to do something to come together albeit virtually. We did an Online drama on our Grandfather. He had a habit of drinking tea with a certain type of biscuit every afternoon exactly 4 pm. The irritating part was that he never stored that biscuit and sent one of his grand kids to fetch it every single day fresh from the baker. One of us had to run to the baker to get only two biscuits every single day at 4 pm. Back then, we honestly used to find it annoying. But now that he is gone we miss it and thus made it our theme for the drama.

The best part is all of us took part. Even his great grand kids were part of the production. It was such a fun thing to do that it is difficult to describe in words. You can check the drama below. (Alert: It is in Bangla)

Went Out: I went out of my building society for the first time in July. I had not stepped out of my complex in four months. Therefor it was refreshing to meet my BFF Kavita, my regular readers would know her. I went on a Mom and Kid trip with her to Eastern India. We went for a walk, laughed our hearts out, and came back relaxed and rejuvenated. We wore a mask and followed social distancing.

Yoga: I started yoga again, but my frozen shoulder is making it difficult for me to continue with my yoga. I can’t visit the physiotherapist, therefore no clue how long I would have to bear this pain.

This was my July. Let me know how was yours. Did you create a Bucket List during this pandemic? If not, then I would suggest you do. It would help you cope with the present situation.

14 thoughts on “Gratitude List July

  1. krish says:

    Beautiful expression as always…
    Being grateful….doing things what you love ..discovering the new just sitting it what makes life so beautiful….
    Loved the videos….the langauge doesn’t matter…the expression conveys the thought..
    God bless you 🙏🌹🙏

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Obsessivemom says:

    I loved the idea of that video on your grandfather. I saw it on FB but since I don’t understand Bangla I’m at a loss. Now with that background I want to watch it even more. How about caption? Or simply uploading the script so non-Bangla speaking people can follow? Grandparents are so quaint, na? And it’s always the annoying bits that you miss the most when they’re gone.
    July seems to have been a good month for you. Oh BYW, did you do that Youtube – a day in the life of – thing?

    Liked by 2 people

    • Balaka says:

      Will try to add subtitles to the video as per your suggestion. This is true we miss the eccentric bit when they are gone. The best part about this video was that the entire family came together without any nagging. All were so enthusiastic. My aunt in bed ridden and even she took part. We all were so happy to see her in the video. My Mama is now so excited after doing this that he is calling himself Boman Irani…the gun associated with the video is the best treasures.
      I did not do that video on YouTube, I felt it would be like uploading personal and private life online. Was not feeling comfortable.
      Thanks Tulika for reading and this beautiful comment.

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    • Balaka says:

      Sonia, this is a blogging ritual started by our fellow blogger Vidya Suri…it is called the gratitude circle. You can also start taking part in it. Every month in the first week just write a post expressing gratitude about the gone months. Things that you felt grateful about. I am not regular but try to write these gratitude posts whenever I can..also take part in the blog hop and read gratitude posts of others.


  3. Corinne Rodrigues says:

    Love all the creativity you all managed to have during this lockdown, Balaka. I think your son has been thriving. So happy about that. The biscuit story sounds so interesting, wish I could understand the dialogue in the video!
    Happy birthday again. Have a wonderful year ahead!

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  4. Vinitha says:

    I am craving for the return of the old mundane routine back in my life. However, all these little moments of joy surely brightens up our lives more than we realize. I am glad that you had a decent July despite the covid enforced challenges. Balaka.
    Take care of your shoulder. Do light arm stretches if possible.

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