43 Things I am Grateful for

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I have struggled with my past for the longest time. I felt like a victim, I felt that I had a rough life but then I started practicing the art of gratitude. Once gratitude became a part of my daily life, all of a sudden my past started looking way better than I believed it to be. Yes, there were moments of pain but there was also abundant moments of happiness. I was overlooking the bright part and only focusing on the dark things. Once when I started looking at my past with a sense of gratitude and forgiveness, everything started looking beautiful. I can now say without hesitation that I was gifted one of the best lives. Here are the things/people that I am grateful. I guess more than things, I am grateful for people and experiences in my life.

  1. My Father: I was raised by an amazing father who always emphasized on my education. I belong to a generation where a girl was meant to be married off. However, my father always wanted me to get higher education. He wanted me to become a doctor but I never wanted to become a doctor. I chose to study literature and he supported me all through. He was a well read man, he had knowledge and curiosity about everything. The same trait my son has inherited. He was my confidante, I could share everything with him. He never judged me and always gave me the right advice. I was never scared of my Dad, he never scolded me yet he was a strict disciplinarian and had strict rules. I can write an entire post on him but let to stop here.
  2. My Son: I cannot feel enough gratitude for becoming a mother to this beautiful son. He is obedient, creative, intelligent and above all a tender and sensitive human being. He is my biggest support when I am down. He is gradually becoming my best friend. I do find traces of my father in him and I hope, he would inherit all the good values of my father. He is also an atheist like my Dad, I am really grateful that he believes in logic and doesn’t follow religion blindly)
  3. My Mother: I lost my mother quite early, however she left some important life lessons for me. She was an educated woman who loved to read books. I think I picked up my love for books from her. She could not fall asleep without reading. I inherited that habit. She had good knowledge about current affairs and movies. In that way, both my parents were compatible in their love for movies, books and current affairs. Our dinner table conversations were always interesting. We discussed books, politics, or movies. I still love to have dinner in this way. She was a teacher and loved telling stories. I have heard so many stories from her. She also had this habit of using proverbs and a few of her famous proverbs have been my biggest life lessons.
  4. My Grandmother: I inherited my looks and character from her. She was a no-nonsense lady. She is the strongest woman that I have come across in my life. A woman of grit and power. I absolutely loved her personality. She was sophisticated and calm. She was a student of the famous Bethune College, a well read woman. I feel proud of her.
  5. My Grandfather: My mom’s father, he was a humble man who loved us a lot. My sweetest childhood memory is of him bringing me ‘sondesh’ from the local sweet shop. I used to sit with him at night on the terrace and enjoy the moon. He took care of me when mom went to school. He loved me more than his other grandkids. I am grateful to have him in my life.
  6. My Husband: We are not a regular couple, we have our ups and downs. Nevertheless, I feel he is the exact kind of man that I need. He is helping me grow as a person. I have learned to become patient, compassionate and control my anger due to him. He is the reason why I took refuge in Nichiren Buddhism. He is helping me improve my Karma.
  7. My extended family: I am blessed to have a HUGE family. Both my parents had 9 siblings each. They also had equal number of cousins. Thankfully, we are a close knit family and in touch with most of them. Even a short family gathering has 100 people. I am also grateful that my Uncles and Aunts keep showering me with love. They never make me feel like an orphan.
  8. My cousins: I am mentioning them separately because they are my lifeline. I am a single child but thanks to my cousins I never felt alone. We speak everyday. We meet quite often. They love me and I love them.
  9. My in-laws: I was fortunate to get married into an equally big family. My husband’s brother and his wife accepted me like their own sister. I have nephews and nieces who love me and respect me. My father-in-law was my second father. My husband has a fun bunch of cousins and I just love them. Family gatherings are the most fun thing for me.
  10. Friends who became family: Some friends have ceased to become friends, they are now family. They live continents apart but always there whenever I need them.
  11. My Friends: I am blessed with an amazing set of friends. I know, I have the back of my friends. They have been there to laugh and cry with me.
  12. My Best Friend: This lady deserves a special mention. I call her ‘mom’ because she is more like a mother than a friend. She loves me, scolds me, protects me like a tigress, wipes my tears and also if needed would slap me. I can’t imagine my life without her.
  13. Friends of my parents: Both my parents passed away but I am so fortunate that their friends and colleagues have kept in touch. They regularly call me. I visit them. It is an amazing feeling to be in touch with them. It makes me feel that my parents are probably still around.
  14. My Colleagues: I have this crazy bunch of colleagues, some are now ex-colleagues but our bonding is strong. We regularly meet up and share our lives. I think I am really fortunate to have been able to keep in touch with people from wherever I worked. Even if I have worked for a few months even then I have been able to meet someone with whom I have kept in touch.
  15. My Blogger Friends: This is one amazing bunch of writers. After I took a sabbatical, I was missing meeting people. That is when I came in touch with online blogging groups and my life changed forever. I have learned so much from my blogger friends. I learned about gratitude from them. They taught me the concept of camaraderie and how to support another fellow writer. They are a bunch of talented, smart, compassionate and empathetic people who have enriched my life and made me a so much better person. I have not met all of them in person but that doesn’t change anything. I cannot thank enough for these people. I have changed as a person after meeting them.
  16. My IC Forum: I am the founder of a patient support group. I am grateful for all the good things that is happening in this group. Today, I am one of the global leaders of IC advocacy. I am so grateful that I was able to change my disease into a purpose to help others.
  17. Gangtok: I spent a considerable part of my childhood in Gangtok. My happiest memories are from that place. Growing up in a serene mountainous town has its own perks. I think, I became who I am because of my hilly roots. Watching the Kanchenjuna every day makes you as resilient as the mountain.
  18. Buddhism and Dalai Lama: I got attracted to Buddhism quite early in life. Thanks to my growing up in Sikkim. I was used to visiting monasteries and that made me find peace in Lord Buddha. I am also fortunate to have met the Dalai Lama. I was barely 6 years and was fortunate to sit on his lap. One of the things that I am grateful forever.
  19. My Education: As I mentioned, my father wanted me to get higher education. I was never a topper but was fairly good in studies. I am grateful that I could finish my Masters in two subjects and then do my M.Phil. I am still a learner and keep on enrolling for online courses. I am grateful to keep learning.
  20. My University: As a kid, I always dreamt of getting admission in a particular University. However, that University had high cut off marks and I always feared that I would never make into it. However, I am grateful that I got admission in that University. I spent 10 years inside the campus of that university doing my bachelors, two masters, M.phil, and then I joined that University as a Research associate. Those were the best 10 years of my life, when I look back now.
  21. Travel: I love to travel. I am fortunate that I got enough travel opportunities in life. I am especially grateful for my multiple solo trips to Europe. I am grateful that I have visited most of the places from my bucket list. Some of them I had thought would never happen but they happened miraculously.
  22. Finance: I am grateful that I have enough money to take care of my needs. However, I try to practice minimalism. I do not want to over-indulge and keep things to bare necessities. Excess is wastage.
  23. Home: I am happy to have beautiful homes that I can decorate at my will. I am a homey and my home is my favourite place on Earth. In a world, where billions are homeless, I am grateful to have a home.
  24. Mumbai: I live in Mumbai, and even though I have traveled all over the place, this is the only place that I would love to call home. I had a ‘love at first sight’ with this city. When I first came to visit this city, the day I was leaving, I thought to myself ‘I wish I could come back to this city again’. The dream became a reality and today this amazing city is my beloved home.
  25. My staff: I am grateful for all the people who make my life easy. My cook, my maid, my driver, my gardener and all those who do some odd jobs for me. They are the real wind beneath my wings. I am blessed to have people who really care for me and take extra effort to give me comfort.
  26. My Neighbors: Over the years, I have found some amazing neighbors. They have cared for me and helped me. They have fed me good food, gifted me nice things, shared jokes, and comforted me.
  27. My Gakkai Family: I have a huge family with whom I chant. I am grateful for all the guidance that I get from this family. They are making me a better human being.
  28. My looks: I struggled my adolescence and beyond worrying about my looks. I always considered myself the ugliest woman in the whole world. However, now I have started loving myself, I love my dimples, my wavy hair, my eyes, my skin (I often get compliments for my skin), my hands and almost everything. I have accepted even the so-called flaws in me. Body-shaming no more makes me anxious. I love myself the way I am and I am grateful for the way I look. I wouldn’t want to look like anyone else.
  29. My Health: I have ignored my health for long but now I am taking it seriously. I am grateful to Adrinne for all those yoga lessons. I am also inspired by one of my blogger friends o embrace yoga. I’m lovin it!!!!
  30. Technology: I am grateful to be born at a time when technology has made our lives so easy. These days everything is at fingertips and we are all connected. I cannot imagine a life without technology. Without technology, I wouldn’t have been writing this post also.
  31. Books: My best friend. I am also grateful that my husband who is himself not a reader but nevertheless buys loads of books for me. Whenever he crosses by a bookstore he picks up something for me.
  32. Movies: I love watching movies and grateful for all the good movies that made me happy.
  33. My job: I am grateful for my job. I love my work. I am also grateful that I get to work from home.
  34. My spiritual mentors: Over the years, many people have guided, inspired and mentored me. My biggest spiritual mentor is Rabindranath Tagore. No one is more spiritual than him. Later on Dalai Lama, Daisaku Ikeda, Mirza Ghalib and Rumi guided me. I also get inspired my numerous TED speakers.
  35. My doctors: I was suffering and no one was able to diagnose my problem. That is when I came across this doctor who not only diagnosed but also healed me physically and emotionally. I am ever grateful to him. I am also grateful to my therapist and pain therapist without whom my life would be immobile.
  36. My First book: I am grateful to have published my first book. I am grateful for all the lovely reviews that I got from the readers.
  37. My travel mates: I travel solo, however, I often end up making friendship with some of the fellow travelers. I am especially grateful for G. I hardly knew her but we ended up visiting so many places together.
  38. Strangers who help me: These are the real angels in my life. They come from nowhere and help me abundantly. I once lost my purse and a person took so much effort to return it. Once again, another person returned my mobile. As a kid, a boy cycled behind a bus for 2 kms to help me get back my school bag that I had left in the bus. In my life, I have always been helped my absolute strangers, I don’t even remember their faces but I know we have some karmic connection. I am grateful for these angels. Also the handsome Italian guy (who looked like Adonis) who helped me carry my suitcase at Rome station. The Dutch fellow who taught me about positive affirmations on my flight from Dubai to Amsterdam.
  39. My idols: Yes, I am grateful for the men or women whom I consider my idols. From Tagore to Anthony Bourdain. Lady Diana to Indira Gandhi, Sachin Tendulakar to Roberto Baggio, Soumitra Chatterjee to Julia Roberts. I am grateful for them. Imagine how boring life would have been without them.
  40. My Gratitude Circle: I am part of a gratitude circle on blogspere. I am grateful to this group for teaching me the art of gratitude.
  41. Some people whom I can’t name: There are a few people whom I shall not name but they have given me happiness, love, laughter and beautiful memories.
  42. Being Alive: I am grateful to be alive, healthy and grateful.
  43. Myself: I am grateful for the person that I am. I like that I am strong, resilient, warm and loving. I love to compare myself to a phoenix. I will rise from the ashes.
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13 thoughts on “43 Things I am Grateful for

  1. Jas krish says:

    Well expressed Trina.
    Most of us take for granted the beautiful peope and things we hsve in our lives…we keep brooding over what we do not have and fail to appreciate and enjoy what er have..
    Stay blessed 🙏😇

    Liked by 1 person

    • Balaka says:

      Yes, Cory, with age and grey hair, I am realizing that more than anything else it is the.people in our lives who.make us happy or sad. I have started treasuring them because a good friend cannot be bought with money. I am so grateful to have you in my life. You have touched me in more than one ways. Love you and a big hug.


  2. jojobateman says:

    That is so fantastic that you recognise the great people/things in your life. Keeping a daily gratitude journal is something I have practised for many years. the most important tool for positive mental health x Great article was joyous to read x

    Liked by 1 person

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