22/02/2022 – First Post of 2022

This is my first blog post of the year. Therefore, first, let me wish you and your loved ones a very happy 2022. Coincidentally, today is 22.02.2022. All over my social media people are going bonkers over this date. I am not that enthusiastic though. To me, it just means that we have already crossed 53 days in 2022. And, in these 53 days, I have experienced quite a few good and bad things.

I wanted to begin 2022 on a positive note, so started the year partying with my friends. The first week went away in fun and galore but by the second week, the Universe conspired to slow me down. And, I tested positive for covid. I expected that I would be back on my feet in a week, but things were tough and I am still not back on my feet. Even while typing these lines, I am coughing like crazy. The worst part of Covid was that it stopped my yoga practice, something that I love to do daily.

Covid made me feel grateful for the friends that I have. My friends helped me throughout my quarantine. Every day, some friend dropped food at my door. I can never thank them enough for all the help that I received. Every difficult time comes with a lesson. We should remember challenging times for the lessons that they taught us.

I finished reading two amazing books. If you follow me on Instagram then you can go and read the reviews of those books there. My WOTY for 2022 was HEAL. Earlier it was only emotional healing, post Covid now it is more about physical recovery and healing.

Thank you for reading this post. Hope you keep reading my posts. I promise to be more regular in my blog. Have a great year ahead. Happy healing to all.

Photo by Bekka Mongeau on Pexels.com

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