Why I Am Enjoying Growing Old

A whole bunch of grey hair is adorning my forehead these days. Each time I visit the salon, the hairstylist makes me feel ashamed of my greying hair. He keeps suggesting numerous dyes, hair color, highlighter, streaks, blah! blah! blah! The same is when I meet my friends. They keep giving me advice on how to color my hair and look younger. However, the truth is that I love my grey hair. Yes, you heard it right. I love the grey patch.

Unlike many, I am not ashamed of growing old. Rather I am excited to grow old. Just like when you pass college and get excited to enter the workspace to implement all your skills and education. I am also excited to apply all the knowledge, wisdom, and maturity that I have earned in the last four decades into my life.

Honestly, I am not proud of my twenties. I was not exactly a rogue. I was a law-abiding, obedient, and ‘good’ girl. However, I was naive. I used to think from my heart and not my head. I made many bad decisions in my twenties from attracting wrong toxic friends, wrong career choices, and letting others hurt me. I didn’t practice self-care. I didn’t protect myself and let myself be vulnerable.

Throughout my thirties, I was salvaging and redeeming the wrong decisions and choices of my twenties. However, when I reached my forties, I realized that I have become a better version. No, I am not yet the best version of myself but definitely better. I am stronger, more confident, and most importantly protective of myself. I have the courage to speak my mind. More fearless and sceptical than my twenties.

I have also stopped reacting to every situation. My Buddhist practice has made me a calmer person. I always try to see things from the other person’s perspective. I try to analyze why the person is reacting the way they are. This helps me avoid a lot of confrontations. I have also learned to practice patience.

Therefore, back to my grey hair. Each grey hair on my forehead is like a certificate that I have gained after learning a lesson from life. Each grey hair is like a badge of honor and wisdom. I have looked young for forty years and now I want to look like a graceful middle-aged woman. I do not want to look or behave like a bubbly young school girl anymore. I want to keep my heart young with love, empathy, and compassion but let my body grow old the way nature wants it.

I care for the environment and do you know how much carbon footprint the cosmetic industry is leaving behind? Well, I do not want to judge or make you ashamed of your life choices. Just don’t make me feel ashamed for my grey hair. I respect your choice, you do mine.

P.S. I learned a new word while writing this post. It is called Gerascophobia. It is the excessive fear of growing older. I already have a phobia of snakes (Ophidiophobia). fear of unorganized space (ataxophobia), fear of large mathematical equations (arithmophobia), and fear of dentists (dentophobia). I have enough phobias, let Gerascophobia not be on my list.

PPS: The following image is only for reference. I just wish to look this bohemian and sexy with my grey hair. wink! wink!

Photo by Ron Lach on Pexels.com

7 thoughts on “Why I Am Enjoying Growing Old

  1. Esha says:

    Welcome to the greys, Tina! I think people always make a big deal about grey hair and getting old and all that stuff. Strangely, nobody ever talks of getting fitter or healthier. It’s always about looking young, which I think is a problem. So glad you’re comfortable in your skin at 40. I think most people realise this amazing thing about finally accepting their age at 40 and being who they are, warts and all. Every individual has the right to be just as they wish to be. Some dye their hair and some don’t. I don’t like other people dishing out unsolicited advice when it comes to grey hair. Let everyone be! For years, I used to hear people advising me about what to do with my greys!, Ultimately, I wore it just as I wanted to. And that’s exactly how you must be. Do what makes you feel good. I know for a fact that growing old is a privilege denied to many. And, so we ought to feel blessed that we are growing old. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Balaka says:

      Exactly Di, growing old is indeed a privilege that many do not get. We have bid adieu to people who deserved to live longer. So I am definitely not scared to grow old. Why should I want the elixir the youth? I am enjoying my journey with grey and all. I try to stay fit but I have no obsession to look like sweet 16 all my life. I actually would love to flaunt my grey like Indira Gandhi ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰

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  2. Jas krish says:

    Very well articulated Balaka. Grey is as beautiful as any other colour ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜ŠBut, yes majority of us somehow fear the ‘greying’ of hair knowing fully well that it has to happen. Stay blessed always ๐ŸŒน๐Ÿ™๐ŸŒน


  3. the bespectacled mother says:

    I am getting there with you with grey hair making an appearance out in the open on one side. For a couple of years 3 grey hair were in the hiding but not any longer. “Like minds think alike”. This proverb applies to us. I have no plans of covering up the greys either. I just hope the people around me don’t bug me for being the way I am going to be. Ab boodhe ho rahe hain to shaan se boodhe ho na.

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  4. Natasha says:

    Grey hair rules and I totally hear you about the unsolicited advice.

    I have received many after I shaved my head and then when the grey grew. My hair, my body I call the shots.

    Glad you wrote this post as a whole lot of us are loving our greys and accepting it with grace in our hearts, though at times the journey does get blurred by others opinions; but imagine the good we are doing to ourselves and yes, to all things natural.



  5. Holly Jahangiri says:

    When I was about 12, I saw a magazine article about “beauty at all ages” and made up my mind, then and there, that I could not WAIT to be 40. Teens and twenties? Gorgeous models, dime a dozen. Thirties? They looked so…lost. Unsure of themselves. But daaaaamn, that 40 year old? It was all in the eyes. The confidence. No needing to prove anything to anyone. Knowing, but not sly. Oh, yeah. That was what I wanted to be. Serene. Regal.

    Age is just a number. Gray hair is beautiful.

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