What Is the Main Purpose of Soul

This post is going to be different from any posts that I have written in this blog. This post will probably make you think about a lot of things, only if you are interested in this topic. The topic may seem morbid and dull as it is primarily about death, after life, reincarnation and souls. Let me give the disclaimer at the very beginning that I am neither a scientist nor an expert on this topic. I am writing this from the point of view of a seeker who is seeking answers. Therefore, there are more problems than solutions in this post.

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It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that I have seen too many deaths in my life. I have lost too many loved ones in my life. If there is one trauma in my life it is to deal with grief caused by death of loved ones. I feel, death touches everyone but not many overthink about it the way I do. They move on.

The first memory of a death that touched me was of Indira Gandhi. Mrs Gandhi had come to our school. I had shook hands with her and given her a rose. Within a year, she was assassinated. For a small girl, it felt like a personal loss. Numerous celebrity deaths in later years touched me badly. The worst being that of Anthony Bourdain and Princess Diana. I didn’t know them, but their death felt personal.

Princess Diana, Mother Teresa, and my mother died one after the other within a short span. I was barely 17 years old and the death of my mother was more traumatic than I realised. It took me years to figure out, how my mom’s death had broken me from within. I could possibly never cope with her loss.

I lost my best friend to cancer while we were still in our 20s. It was unbelievable that a chirpy girl could die just like that. A part of me probably felt guilty to enjoy things that she couldn’t. Losing my pet was also traumatic. The list of Uncles, aunts, and cousins who left for heavenly abode grew over the years. I remember old people saying that they have seen too many deaths but I am not yet that “old” and yet I have seen a lot.

Precisely, to cope with grief, I started looking for answers. Is death really the end? Do we lose our loved ones forever? or, is death a new beginning? These questions led me to read a lot of things. The first pathbreaking book that I read was “Many Lives, many Masters” by Brian Weiss. The recommendation for this book came from a fellow blogger Shalini. She said that this book would change my life and she couldn’t have been more accurate.

The next thing that moved me was a Netflix series called “Surviving Death”. This book talked about “Near Death Experiences” in one episode. I got absolutely fascinated with near death experiences (NDE). Thanks to social media, there are no dearth of these experiences online. Starting from celebrities like Sharon Stone to my Husband’s uncle, I heard so many NDE that honestly I feel there is more beyond what we see or perceive.

There are also people like Anita Moorjani, who are making money from their NDE. But some of the experiences actually make us think. If you follow me on Goodreads, you will see that most of the books that I read in 2022 are related to past life explorations. Most spiritual books talk about souls. Hinduism and Jainism talk extensively about rebirth, atma (soul), and reincarnations. I follow a hospice nurse on Youtube who shares her experiences of dying patients. She also suggests that there is something beyond death. Even quantum physics says that we are energy and life doesn’t end at death. Eminent physicist Dr. Robert Lanza claimed that life is energy and energy is immortal and so it keeps existing after death. So is what physicist call energy is what spirituality calls souls? I am still seeking these answers. However, the personal lessons that I learned from my readings are as follows.

  • Life is energy, every person is therefore an energy
  • What we in popular language call vibe is actually the energy of that person
  • In physics, we have negative and positive energy. Similarly, in life also there is negative and positive energy
  • Bond with those whose energy matches yours
  • In comparison to the universe we are microscopic, and finite
  • Do not waste your energy on things and people that stress you
  • As a soul, your job is to learn and move on
  • I have strongly started believing that we are born as a cluster of souls. Those whom I meet in this life, I have met them before in my previous lives
  • The Universe owes us nothing but we owe a lot to the universe
  • Everything is connected
  • The design of the Universe is beyond our understanding
  • We need to trust the universe

I have also started believing that the dead connect with us. Maybe, it may seem hoax to you but I have got signs. Earlier, I used to ignore these signs but now I have started believing in them. (Maybe because I am getting old and crazy or maybe it gives me solace from my grief). It is said that departed souls send you signals. I have started seeing them. A white feather that I saw the other day made sense. A bluebird felt like a messenger from my departed aunt. I can go on and on about signs. A few years back, I would think these are just scams but now I somehow feel a strong connection to signs

Popular culture convinced us that a “soulmate” is a romantic partner. However, in reality a soul mate is that soul who is completes you, supports you, comforts you and unconditionally loves you. Therefore, your romantic partner, husband, or boyfriend can be your soulmate but not necessarily. Your parents, your children, your best friend, your siblings or even a random stranger can be your soulmate. As I said, I am not an expert and still learning, I would really like to know more about guardian angels who help us.

A part of me is also concerned that perhaps I am moving away from science, logic, common sense, and reality. Maybe, I am getting drawn to the mystic and confusing world of paranormal, spirituality, cults, and hocus-focus. What do you think is the main purpose of a soul? Is it to learn to be more compassionate? Or is it to keep creating good causes? I would honestly like to hear your thoughts on this whole thing. Please leave a comment.

2 thoughts on “What Is the Main Purpose of Soul

  1. Esha says:

    So good to see your post after ages, Tina! First of all, hugs for all the losses and the heartbreaks you’ve been through since the tender years. It’s been hard on you, I know but then, you’ve dealt with them in the most remarkable way and I’m so proud of you for that. I believe in soulmates, Tina and I believe we all have them but it may take us time to find them. Not experienced NDE personally, but I know of people who have. I’ve also watched a few episodes of that Netflix series btw! Currently, I’m learning more about Personal Energy Management and its amazing how it has opened my eyes to things I’d never have noticed or felt earlier. I strongly believe in the fact that we are all made up of energy. I can totally feel how some people give us good vibes and the not-so-good ones. I also believe that some people who are spiritually tuned in with the Universe can have strong intuitive power spiritual and you are spot on, about how many of the phenomenon that we come across in this world can’t be explained by logic and rationality. I really don’t have an answer on what the purpose of a soul should be … hopefully, will be able to share it once I find mine!
    Keep writing and keep the inner dialogue going, Tina! I love reading your posts. 🙂


    • Balaka says:

      Thank you sooo much for visiting my blog and reading this post. Your comment is so interesting that I would call you to discuss. I want to listen to the NDE stories that you have heard from others. I am also curious to know more about Personal Energy Management. If soulmates are true, soul sisters are also true. You have always been my soul sister. I miss Tiki Pishi, you and I could have discussed this topic with her in lengths. I will call you soon. Love you so much Di.


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