Conspiracy Theories-The Funniest One #A-ZChallenge2020

The conspiracy theories regarding Covid19 has kept me on the tenterhooks. I am a huge fan of suspense thrillers and science fiction. Therefore a real-life science conspiracy theory caught my attention. I was spending the whole day reading theories online, listening on YouTube and watching them on Television. China was blaming America and Trump was … Continue reading Conspiracy Theories-The Funniest One #A-ZChallenge2020

Life in the times of Corona #stayhomestaysafe

There was a time in life where I had run the house without any maid. However, back then I was a newly married girl and a smile was enough to make the husband do the dishes. A small pouty 'please' made the husband mop the floors. Thus, the hardest reality this lockdown brought in front of me is that I have grown old and no amount of smile, grin, pout is enough to make the better half move away from his laptop. Every 'please' falls to deaf ears and rather bounces back with 'cha dao' (give me tea).

Why Bengalis Eat Non-Vegetarian Food During Durga Puja #wordsmatter

It's not that time of the year without noise, celebrations, festivities, laughter, new clothes, makeup, adda with friends and family and most importantly pandal hopping and gorging on Bengali delicacies. This is the time when Bengalis all over the world celebrate the biggest festival in a Bong's calendar, Durga Puja. For most Indians, Diwali is … Continue reading Why Bengalis Eat Non-Vegetarian Food During Durga Puja #wordsmatter