This tree in the premise of Qutb Minar in Delhi caught my fancy. It looks like a witness of a bygone era. Sharing this with Parul and #ThursdayTreeLove. I am posting for #ThursdayTreeLove after a long time. I missed taking part in it. I am glad to be back.

Thirsty Branches- #ThursdayTreeLove

'The barren, leafless tree looks thirsty and it is reaching the water to quench its thirst.' This is the thought that crossed my mind when I came across this tree in Somnath during our Road Trip to Gujarat. What do you feel? Do leave a comment. Linking this to #ThursdayTreeLove-33 hosted by Parul.

#ThursdayTreeLove- 30

We spotted this tree near Ellora Caves in Aurangabad. The humongous but bare tree looked so intimidating. It was standing there like an old robust guard scaring away whoever dared to trespass. Linking this to #ThursdayTreeLove hosted by Parul.