D said ‘we are lost’.

D pressed my arms and said ‘boss is going to kill us’.

I said ‘before that tiger is going to eat us’. There was no network in our mobiles. It was dark inside the forest even during daylight.

After wandering the forest for almost two hours, suddenly, D said with a smile on her face ‘BB, look at that rock, I remember seeing it soon after entering the forest, we have definitely reached.’

I could hear noise of vehicles and the network was back.

Boss will now scold us for this two hour morning walk.


Word count: 100
This flash fiction is written for Friday Fictioners hosted by our favourite Rochelle Wisoff.
Photo Courtesy: CEAyr
This is a real incident that happened to me and my ex-colleague during one of our office trips. We went for an innocent morning walk and got lost inside a forest. We had an important meeting in the morning with the client and there we were wandering directionless inside a forest. We were sure either tiger or boss would kill us that day. When I think about that incident now, it brings a smile to my face but that day we were dead scared.

30 thoughts on “Lost

  1. writershilpa says:

    Some incidents, when they occur, leave us scared/traumatised at that moment, but later, fortunately for us, become happy memories we enjoy sharing with people. And, I am glad this one incident is something you can recall with amusement! 🙂

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