How the Society in Future Could be

When I was in college, I read a short story. I can’t recollect the title or author but I do remember the story very well. It was a Utopian futuristic story. It talked about a future society without the concepts of money, property and marriage. After reading the synopsis of the story if any of you can identify the story then please do let me know.

The story show a future society that has abolished the concepts of marriage, family and property. They have also controlled population and diseases. All adults, both male and female have to deposit their sperms and eggs in a state run fertility bank. Every year a fixed number are fertilized using the sperm and eggs from the bank. These fetuses are genetically engineered so they never have any congenital disorders. The ratio of male and female are also fixed. Once the fetuses fertilized in a test tube they are put in artificial wombs and then babies are born. These babies have no parents, they belong to the state.

These babies are then sent to state run nurseries where nannies take care of them. Once they grow up a little they are transferred to residential schools. The education of each kid is customized and prepares them for a particular job. Their job is assigned after evaluation of their mental and physical potential at pre-natal stage. Thus each kid is given birth for a particular job. Once their education completes, they are assigned the job and a quarter to stay. They have no salary but whatever they needed the state provides. Thus there is no concept of property or accumulation of wealth.

There is no concept of marriage but people are allowed to date and even live together but not allowed to biologically have babies. There is no concept of family. People lived together almost the way characters of the popular series F.R.I.E.N.D.S lived. They had no responsibilities, no old parents or kids to take care of. Their lives were mostly spent on their jobs and rest of the time partying. They had no stress of appraisals, no tension to earn more money, build a house, have bank balance. They had community kitchens to get their foods from and housekeeping staff who cleaned the quarters. When they grew old they were sent to old care facilities and when state saw they were no more contributing to the society they were put to rest.

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The story takes a turn when one girl and one boy fall in love and decide to have a child of their own and start a family. The whole system starts chasing them and they try to escape to another planet which was regressive and still allowed biological babies.

I personally would love to be a part of this society. It seems like an Utopian system with no stress. It is just do your assigned job and enjoy. It is almost like living on the sets of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. It is becoming ADULTS without the stress of ADULTING. But I know not many of you would probably consider this ideal. Let me know :

  1. Why you think this would be an ideal society?
  2. Why do you think this would be a not-so-ideal society?
  3. Do you think our society is going in a direction where this would become a reality soon?
  4. Would you like it be part of that society?
  5. Can you help me find the title and author of the story?

I am eagerly waiting for your answers.

15 thoughts on “How the Society in Future Could be

  1. Dashy says:

    I would say it’s hard to define what is ideal. I find it hard to believe that the major section of the population would be happy with a world where they have no family to dote over and no means to prove their superiority in any sense (considering there is no competition here). When everything is well defined, what do we chase or pursue? And where is the freedom in this ideal world when a couple in love cannot have a family of their own? Personally, I wouldn’t prefer this world and might join the rebel couple in leaving the planet. And I think our society is nowhere close to such a scenario 😛
    This is an interesting read. I too would like to know what the others think.

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  2. Georgiana says:

    From my own point of view, some important drawbacks of such a society would be the deterministic approach towards life and the lack of culture & family aspects. I guess this “worry-free” life could be a good fit for a certain percentage of population, but I would also join the side of the rebels.

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  3. Modern Gypsy says:

    There are bits that are ideal – like the state taking care of all your needs. I don’t mind not having children either. But not the rest. Some self determination is needed for there to be meaning to life. And if there’s no competition and no need to worry about any of your needs being met, that would open your mind to more creative pursuits also, and that’s missing in this story. It seems very robotic, and that’s one of the big reasons why I wouldn’t want to be part of that society.

    It does sound like a very interesting short, though! And no, I don’t think our society is ready to go this route.

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  4. vishalbheeroo says:

    Hi remember the last scene in Imtiaz Ali’s Rockstar. You have beautifully shared the unique world with no compulsion or race to be better and making money. Let free love sink in and would love to be part of this amazing world. I would love to do a short story on this line, a world cut off from where we stay. Do one and would love to see your version. Hope you are safe, Balaka. A world where we make our own judgments, no courts or police still there is freewill, love, abundance and no greed 🙂

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  5. writershilpa says:

    You know, I, too, would love to be part of such a utopian society! It might sound weird to many, but to me, it seems perfect. Haven’t we seen enough of stress, uncertainty and whatnot in our life, already? SUch kind of a society which has everything chalked out for us, where we need to do our duty and then leave, seems a lot better, less stressful, and sensible. To me. 🙂

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